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2017-2018 Allen County Extension Homemaker Officers:

President - Sue Erwin
President Elect -
Vice President/Program - Gail Ring
Vice President/Leadership Development - Sandy Broady
Secretary - Ann Steenbergen
Treasurer - Brenda Weers
Family Resource Development -Debbie Scott
Housing, Energy and Environment - Fredonna Law
4-H Youth Development - Ann Barton
Cultural Arts Heritage - Jane Berry
Food, Nutrition, Health and Safety - Mendy Sullivan
International - Eva Cline

"Make Our Home Your Home!"


Kentucky Homemakers Creed


I believe in the home as an inspiring and happy center of life, comfortable and attractive, a place for relaxation and work where pleasures and responsibilities are shared. 

I believe in the home, its contribution to community life which reflects the development of the homemakers and her family.

I believe in the homemaker, alert, diligent, in search of better ways of doing ordinary things for the welfare and happiness of her family.

I believe in the homemaker as a leader in her community in her responsibility for passing on to others her mastered skills and knowledge.

I believe in the fellowship that comes through the homemakers’ organization, the exchange of ideas, the joy of knowledge shared with others thus broadening our lives and lifting household tasks above the commonplace.

For these opportunities I am grateful, I am thankful for the courage of yesterday, the hope of tomorrow, and a growing consciousness of God’s love always.


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